For people who love (or hate) cats and have a sense of humor about it.

How do you swing a dead cat?  By the tail, of course!  WHY would you swing a dead cat?  Because you CAN, of course!  Try it with a live one and you'll understand.  Before you get all snippy about such treatment of our feline friends, consider how cats deal with us once we are dead.

Be warned, this is not a PETA-friendly site -- though we do subscribe to the notion that you should not swing your cat until it is actually DEAD!

There are a lot of other things we can do to our butt-licking buddies, such as:  How to torment your cat without actually causing it to become deceased.  More?  How about twisted Cat Videos?  We've got twisted cat videos!  Look at these:

Nokia Swinging Cat Video

Ford Decapitated Cat Video

Super Bowl 39 Bad Cat Video

Miller Lite Cat Fight Video

MORE Cat Videos!

More?  What happens when you drop a cat out of a high rise apartment?  You might be surprised, perhaps even disappointed.

Submit your cat photos and videos.

While we aren't interested in seeing photos of swinging dead cats, or dead cats bouncing, we will consider publishing right here on this website, at no cost to you, your freaky, strange or weird cat photo or short cat video.  Instructions may be found here.